For many fate is something that realists don’t believe in. For others, fate is the guiding tool on this journey called life. For Major Myjah, TuGun Cannon and Deion Gill, fate is the power that birthed an amazing partnership for the group we now know as Ghoss.

Ghoss is three guys from three different backgrounds who all share a similar creative passion. Being moved by different eras of music the trio has formed a sound that is truly unique yet relatable. After working on a project with producer Caston Grigsby, the guys found themselves working together more and more. Grigsby, who had an eye for talent, took notice of the trio’s chemistry and and shared his vision with his business partner Donnie Meadows. It was then that their career as a group went from zero to one hundred and Ghoss found themselves in a deal with Starr Island Group who paved the way for them to be featured as the main attraction in a bidding war with four of the top major labels in the music business.

In October 2018 released a Jaden Smith remix, “Ghost,” and then followed that up with their first full-length project This Is A Mixtape. Ghoss has a passion for touching and connecting with fans on a deeper level, and make it their mission to send a message through everything they put out that reminds people that they are not alone. The group signed a deal with Atlantic Records in 2019, and looks forward to putting out their first full project this year.

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